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Nashville hosts Music Competition for Musicians on Saturday July 12, 2014 at Anthem


April 30, 2014– (Nashville, TN) LIVE ARRANGEMENTS, LIVE MASHUPS AND LIVE REMIXES will be rumbling the streets of Nashville during Summer NAMM weekend for the 2nd annual Strange Arrange™ Battle of the Bands Competition. This is not the ordinary rock battle that Music City is used to. The STRANGE ARRANGE™ Live Arrangement Competition challenges musicians to generate a new standard of musicianship by turning the usual software and beat machine produced radio hits into LIVE MASTERPIECES. From Beyoncé to Britney—From Drake to Daft Punk—From Pharrell to Pink…the audience will hear their favorite songs like never before.

“I hope that the people of Nashville realize how huge this is. We are hosting an event that has never been done before in any other place in the world! It’s changing lives, it’s making dreams come true, it’s making history…and it’s all going down in Music City”, says creator and founder Courtney “Coko” Eason.

The STRANGE ARRANGE™ live arrangement competition is where the Top 5 bands in the nation take the acapella [voice track] from any song and perform a totally new composition in front of a celebrity judges panel (this year’s judges: Nisan Stewart, Tommy Sims & PJ Morton). Soundtrack Entertainment and its affiliates believe the contest will result in ideas that will ignite a new generation of great musicians and Nashville will become the birthplace of a new style of music. Coko explains, “I think the Strange Arrange can be so much bigger than a competition. I want to make Strange Arrange a genre of its own. I plan to get more celebrities involved to help create a movement where live bands and live arrangements take over the music industry and become the definition of real music.”

The Top 5 Bands are:

Smash Brothers (Charlotte, NC)

Nurdy Tunes (Miami, Florida)

Elite Creations (Indianapolis, IN)

The Glove (Boston, MA)

B. On. It Productions (Indianapolis, IN)

These bands are incredibly skillful in Gospel, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Fusion, Pop, Soul and Hip-Hop which gives them the ability to play chords, drum patterns, bass licks and guitar riffs that will leave an audience speechless. The Top 5 Finalists will be required to prepare an 8 minute set, where they will perform a medley of 3 different “strange” arrangements (1 Hip Hop Song, 1 R&B Song and 1 Pop Song). The finalists will be scored on creativity, difficulty, transitions, showmanship, dynamics, unity, solos and their arrangement styles.

The winning band will receive cash, gear, a leading role in a Sony Creative Music Commercial and a Recording Session and video shoot with Maroon 5′s PJ Morton!

For more information on the competition, visit www.strangearrange.com



About Strange Arrange™ Founded in 2012 by Courtney “Coko Korinne” Eason, the Strange Arrange™ is aLive Arrangement Competition where bands from all over the country perform a live remix of today’s hottest Hip Hop and R&B songs. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Strange Arrange™ is committed to the highest standards of operating and governance, and holds the title as First Live Arrangement Competition in the music industry.  Follow the competition on Twitter @1StrangeArrange and “Like” Strange Arrange™ on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/StrangeArrange. For additional information about Strange Arrange™, please visit www.strangearrange.com.

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