Today I interviewed the President and CEO of Soundtrack Entertainment, LLC who is also the Founder and Creator of the Strange Arrange in Nashville, TN. We discussed the past, present and future of her brand. Read Below:

Q: Did you expect the Strange Arrange to have this big of an impact on music lovers and musicians?

A: Locally yes! Globally no. I really just thought this was going to be something really dope for the city of Nashville. But Glory be to God the Strange Arrange is so popular in other countries now…it blows my mind. Nothing is better than live music and to mix that with popular songs on the radio, it impacts people in a way they’ve never experienced before. I’m grateful that it has gone viral so quickly.

Q: Speaking of other countries, didn’t you plan to go overseas with the competition?

A: Yes at one point I did. I had things in place where I was going to partner with people in other countries and have them host the event for me while I coached them through it. But man at the end of the day, they just didn’t cut it. The Strange Arrange is a nothing to play with. It’s really hard to execute and if you don’t have what it takes to make it happen then it’s not going to work. So I started feeling iffy about the whole idea and decided to skip it. It’s my baby, I got to protect it.

Q: Talk about this year’s competition. What should we expect?

A: I think people should expect crazy creativity plus amazing energy. With the type of judges we have this year plus last year’s outstanding performance from B. On. It., the bands are going to have to bring it and I mean no games at all. It will definitely be a close competition because the bands this year are extremely talented and they all have a different approach to live arrangements.

Q: There’s been rumors that this will be the last Strange Arrange Competition, is this true?

A: Yeah I’m about 95% sure this will be the last competition. If the Strange Arrange was a simple event, I could keep it going…but it is the complete opposite. And I have so many other business ventures and event ideas waiting for my attention so I decided that something was going to have to give and unfortunately it’s the competition. BUT, I still have big plans for the brand. It’s not the end. I’m just going to go in a new direction.

Q: Can you discuss those plans? What direction are you taking?

A: I feel like the arrangements from the Strange Arrange and the sound that it has produced is so much more than a competition. I want people to experience the Strange Arrange sound on albums, in multiple venues and on the radio. So I’m working on making the Strange Arrange a genre of its own that is somewhat backed by a label situation. I can’t go into detail, but let’s just say I plan to get rid of the auditions, judges, grand prize etc and just make the brand accessible everywhere and in every kind of way.

Q: What’s next for your company Soundtrack Ent, LLC?

A: Soundtrack is working on a few new things in the music industry while at the same time we are developing a new event concept that we hope to launch in 2017. I’m also transitioning into the tech field and launching a new start up by the end of the year.

Q: So any last words for your Strange Arrange supporters?

A: Well I appreciate all the supporters who have attended my events and promoted or supported my brand in anyway. It means the world to me and I hope people will continue to show their support on July 16th for the last Strange Arrange. Distance shouldn’t be an excuse. I encourage everyone to make it a cool little road trip with your family or friends, visit the city of Nashville, eat you some really good food, site see and then come to the Strange Arrange and have the time of your life!

Q: Thanks so much Coko for your time. Where can people find out more information about you, your company and events?

A: Of course www.strangearrange.com for event and ticket information and www.soundtrackent.com for everything else.


Keyahanna Alexander

PR Specialist

Nashville, TN



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