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The Strange Arrange™ is a live arrangement competition where bands from all over the U.S perform a live remix of today’s hottest radio hits. These musicians will select the acapella version of any popular song and perform a totally new musical arrangement that will blow your mind! There is no other event like this in the WORLD and we foresee this being ONE EPIC NIGHT! ! Brought to you by Soundtrack Entertainment, LLC,  the Strange Arrange is guaranteed to be the most jaw dropping, hair raising and entertaining “battle of the bands” in history! These are not your ordinary bands. These musicians are incredibly skillful in Gospel, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Soul and Hip-Hop which gives them the ability to play chords, drum patterns, bass licks and guitar riffs that will leave an audience speechless.

Here’s How It Works:
Bands must consist of 5 members (2 Keys, 1 Bass, 1 Drummer, 1 Guitar/Other Input Player).  Up to 2 additional members can be added only if they play acoustic instruments: Trumpet, Sax, Trombone etc! A band can only compete in the competition by submitting an audition video and being selected as one of the Top 5 Finalists.

We will place at least 10 audition videos of potential finalists on our “VOTE NOW” page and have America weigh-in on the Top 5 bands that will compete for the opportunity of a lifetime. The Top 5 Finalists will be required to prepare an 8 minute set, where they will perform a medley of 3 different “strange” arrangements (1 Hip Hop Song, 1 R&B Song and 1 Pop Song). The finalists will be scored on Creativity, Difficulty, Transitions, Showmanship, Dynamics, Unity, Solos and of course Arrangement.

At the end of the night, the band with the best overall arrangement will receive the Title, Cash and a Recording Session and Video Shoot with a major recording artist!  And we can’t forget the opportunity of playing in front of today’s biggest Music Directors, which could lead to major gigs!

The Strange Arrange will be held at Marathon Music Works on July 16th at 8pm.  For more details please contact us here.

Contestants interested in competing MUST agree to all rules and regulations and register online through the site [www.strangearrange.com] to qualify as a contestant and receive any prizes. No contestant will be allowed into the event without having a valid registration from this site.

Rule and Regulations: If you are interested in competing…please read the rules and regulations for the Strange Arrange.  Click here!