BIO: MAJESTY is a band full of musicians that come from different aspects of music. Miguel Diaz (20 yrs) is from Boston, MA. He started playing Guitar at a very young age and mainly grew up to the mind twisting creations of Fusion/Rock. His skills are mind blowing/exciting. His ideas towards songs are very intelligent and that is what makes his takent one of a kind. Denzel Hollis (20 yrs) is from Dayton, OH. He grew up to the hard stomping grooves of Hip-Hop. Denzel’s playing is very creative. The addition of colors to the arrangements are clever. Yet, this is what makes his talent unique. Jonathan Nation (18 yrs) a.k.a Joobie is from Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up to the smooth collaborations of R+B and Gospel. His nickname was inspired by the well known gospel artist, Doobie Powell because of similarities in playing techniques. He is great at what does and adds a little southern soul to our arrangements. Tony Taylor Jr. (18 yrs) is from Matteson, IL. He is one of the most talented drummers of today’s generation and is also Guitar Center’s 27th Annual Drum-Off Champion! Whether it’s with his hard pocket groove or insane chops, he is the excitment of the audience. Mykhel Scott a.k.a Simba (16 yrs) is from Toronto, Canada and grew up to the neck breaking jawns of neo-soul and the fete-worthy grooves of soca. He is currently a Junior in High School and is the band leader of MAJESTY as well. His nickname originated form his main inspirer/older cousin Justin “Rafiki” Raines. He is the meat of the band and the stank face reactions of the crowd. If MAJESTY were to do Strange Arrange, these would be some of the youngest musicians to do the competition in history! MAJESTY is ready for Strange Arrange. #LETSGO

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